Three Useful Tips On How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Among various types of drug tests, the hair follicle drug test is perhaps the most difficult. That is why prospective candidates look forward to getting tips on the topic. Three useful tips on how to pass a hair follicle drug test can help.

Hair follicle drug test could be one of the frightening experiences for the prospective candidates. It is difficult in comparison to other types of drug tests like urine, blood, and saliva drug tests mainly because hair follicles contain drug traces for as many as 90 days or even more. The question therefore for them is how to pass a hair follicle drug test especially when someone has been consuming drugs or weeds consistently for sometimes past. Here are three useful tips for such prospective candidates that can help in their endeavor.

Tip 1 – Learn About Things You Do not Know

• Do not worry about drugs consumed during the last 6-7 days or so. The reason is that the drugs will take around a week to get into and deposit at the roots of hair follicles.
• One can shave the entire body of hair to get past the test but that may not be very good unless one is able to convince the test administrator that the requirements for shaving was genuine.
• Truly qualitative hair detoxifying shampoos are few in number and the prospective candidate should find out the best one for his or her use. Products like Supreme Klean Ultra Mask Detox Drink, or Supreme Klean Ultra Detox Shampoo could be the solution in such cases.

Tip 2 – Do Not Rely on Home Made Remedies

Many people put their faith and try to get rid of their detoxification problems using home remedies. An example is use of vinegar to get past the hair follicle test. Fact remains that while vinegar can wash the upper parts of the hair it cannot clean the roots quickly. There are some people that might suggest home remedies when the question is how to pass hair drug test but these remedies are neither true solution nor can cleanse the hair in a positive manner. Small amounts of drugs are deposited at the roots of the hair follicles and they remain immune to vinegar or such other treatments. As already said shaving the head and body may result in test administrator getting suspicious or just deferring the test to some other date with the instructions not to come with a shaved body.

Tip 3 – Do Not Bother About Occasional Drug Use

Prospective candidate should realize that hair follicle drug tests are not meant to pick up the occasional or small drug uses. They are meant to find out the regular drug users and traces of drugs in their anatomy. For instance; if the prospective candidate has consumed small amount of drug 7-8 weeks ago or have smoked a small quantum of marijuana around two weeks ago, the hair follicle drug tests will not detect them.
With a little care and caution; there is no reason why one cannot pass the hair follicle drug test unless he or she is an avid drug consumer.

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