Passing A Drug Test In Short Time Span

One of the problems that most of the candidates facing drug tests encounter these days is the employers conducting such tests at very short notice. It could be 10 days, a week, or even 24 hours. The pertinent question for the prospective candidate in such case will be how to pass drug test quickly and within the short time span marked for the same.

Method Suitable for Specific Drug Test

There are various types of drug tests and to pass it quickly different methods are used. Each of the methods is unique to the particular type of drug tests and learning them will enlighten the candidate concerned on how to pass a drug test in a week. For instance; manipulating urine or saliva drug tests results are easier in comparison and escaping detection could be easier in these two cases in comparison to the tests carried out with hair follicle drug tests which is difficult encountering.

Knowing Detection Time Can Help

It would be good for the prospective candidate learn about the detection time to decide which the best way to pass a drug test is.   Very minute particles of THC enter into the saliva and therefore the drug traces can be detected for a maximum period of 2-3 hours with oral drug test. At the same time; such detection will indicate impairment of the candidate concerned though till date no specific method has been devised to accurately calculate the degrees of impairments resulting from drug consumption. On the other hand traces of drugs can stay in the hair follicles for a period of 90 days or even more and if it is a hair follicle test the prospective candidate is facing, the question how to pass a drug test in a week can only be answered in the negative.


Effective Drug Trace Eradication

Job of the prospective candidate is to find out and eradicate the traces of drugs from different parts of the anatomy of the candidate concerned that will help him or her pass the drug test conveniently. While there is no uniform answer to the question how long does it take to pass a drug test, the most relevant answer is that it will depend on the type of drug test and life style of the candidate concerned that will decide the issue at the end of it.


One has to stop drug consumption but at the same time resorting to some home remedies may not help at all. Instead using some quality products like the Supreme Klean total Detox Kit or the Supreme Klean Daily Pretox Capsules could make the process easier and convenient for the candidate to pass out the drug test.

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